A native of Rockford, IL Delante demonstrated his belief in God by obeying the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1992 at the Westside Church of Christ under the ministry of Jefferson Caruthers Sr. He is a 2013 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching.


Delante has served as a Youth Minister at the McKellar Ave Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. He also served three years as the full-time minister of the MLK Church of Christ in Sulphur Springs, Texas.


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Delante has been blessed with a beautiful family. He is happily married to the former Shelly Rhea of Rockford, IL and they have been blessed with three daughters Rhealyn, Mariah, and Olivia.


He is devout man of God who not only loves to study the Bible and preach the Word of God, but he also applies it to his life. His favorite hobbies are studying the Bible, watching movies, basketball, football and Mixed Martial Arts.